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Shampoo for Damaged Hair

Designed to offer a cleansing experience of sheer luxury. Designed for damaged hair, Selection XY shampoo offers a new ritual for you that combines nourishment and hydration. Your hair will feel softer and shine with beauty. A cleansing formula enriched with Argan oil and keratin and active ingredients that help to retain the elasticity of hair fibres, while offering deep hydration.

1000 ml size



  • Gently cleanses damaged hair, offering deep hydration
  • Your hair is left softer and more elastic
  • Argan oil: this “oil of the desert” is renowned for its excellent emollient and hydrating properties. Its application strengthens the hair fibre.
  • Keratin: the primary constituent element of the hair structure, keratin is essential for giving the hair fibre elasticity and improving the thickness of your hair.