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Mask for damaged hair

Sensual shine and unbelievable softness in a single treatment which is a real beauty therapy for damaged hair. The Selection XY mask revitalises your hair, leaving it luxuriously silky to the touch. The 6.Zero mask combines the transsizeive properties of Argan oil and keratin with a rich and generous texture, and features an intoxicating perfume. The nourishing and strengthening effect of the formula’s active ingredients will allow you to rediscover the natural shine, softness and vitality of your hair.

500 ml size



  • A high-action nourishing and strengthening beauty treatment
  • You’ll rediscover hair with shine, softness and vitality
  • Argan oil: this “oil of the desert” is renowned for its excellent emollient and hydrating properties. Its application strengthens the hair fibre.
  • Keratin: the primary constituent element of the structure of hair, keratin is essential for giving the hair fibre elasticity and improving the thickness of your hair.