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Mask for dyed hair

Take Over Protective Color, mask for dyed hair with a light and creamy texture, it boasts intense nourishing and photo-protective properties. It coats hair with an invisible layer that conditions and increases the life and brightness of the colour, enhancing its intensity thanks to the special Colour protective complex that acts in harmony with the Argan Oil and Pomegranate Extract.

500 ml size


  • Colour intensity lasts longer
  • Dyed hair is nourished and protected
  • Hair is left gloriously shiny
  • Argan oil: extremely high quality oil suitable for hair that is damaged, dry, dull and brittle as it restores strength and hydration. By nourishing the capillary fibres, it gives hair shine and flexibility and counteracts dryness.
  • Pomegranate extract: strengthens, natural antioxidant, UV protection, softens and hydrates.
  • Colour Protective Complex: protects hair from environmental stress, extends the life of the colour, adds body and strength to all hair types.