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Mask for wavy and curly hair

Take Over Define Curl, mask for wavy and curly hair, with a formula based on Cashmere Keratin. This curly routine treatment has a rich, intense texture, designed to tame the wildest curls and fight frizz. It nourishes, smooths, softens and defines leaving hair shiny and full of volume.

500 ml size


  • Nourishes and tames even the wildest hair
  • Leaves hair full of volume, soft and shiny
  • Curly and wavy hair is left supple and free of frizz
  • Cashmere Keratin: reinforces and tones the hair fibre, making it thicker and stronger.
  • Volumising complex: forms a film on the hair, controlling the repulsion between charges and reducing friction between the fibres, visibly increasing volume and conditioning the hair.