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Colour reviving mask


Ready to use and easy to apply, the new Impact Krom Mask enhances highlights, conceals grey hairs and is designed to revitalise the colour between treatments, illuminating it with bright tones. The 6.Zero mask boosts highlights and nourishes hair: its highly cosmetic formula, free from ammonia and oxidants and enriched with the emollient properties of White Water Lily Oil, maintains the correct moisture balance for hair.

200 ml jar

Nuances Impact Krom
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  • Revives colour and illuminates hair
  • Enhances highlights
  • Conceals grey hairs
  • Allows for extra quick treatments since it only needs to be applied for 3/5 minutes
  • White Water Lily Oil. White water lily extract has anti-oxidant, protective and relaxing effects. Both the roots and the flowers have intense soothing and softening properties.
  • Free from ammonia and oxidants.