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Regenerating mask for dry and dull hair

Herbe Treatment, regenerating mask for dry and dull hair. Its formulation is rich in natural active ingredients and combats dryness, nourishing and regenerating hair: plant extracts of rosemary and sage treat and condition sensitive scalps, while Panthenol encourages deep hydration. Hair is visibly regenerated, silky, soft to the touch and pleasantly scented.

Professional use only

1000 ml tub



  • Cosmetic action against dull and lifeless hair
  • Formula based on plant extracts and Panthenol
  • Hair is left smooth, silky and soft to the touch
  • Sage Extract: has many cosmetic properties, thanks to the presence of substances such as Oleanolic Acid, Vitamin B1 and C. It helps to stimulate, normalize and purify skin and scalp.
  • Extract of Rosemary: due to the high concentration of essential oils, it strengthens hair, encourages hair growth, stimulates hair follicles, and has an antiseptic and antibacterial action.
  • Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5): directly responsible for hair health, it nourishes hair at the root. A lack of Panthenol makes hair dull and lifeless