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Restorative spray

The Hairzoe spray is the final stage in the salon treatment, offering regenerative and brightening action. It is designed to give the hair a boost and improve its strength and shine.

The formula protects the lengths, seals the hair cuticles and prepares it for brushing. The concentration of hyaluronic acid and grape stem cells enhances the restorative and protective properties of the treatment for dry, brittle and damaged hair.

Size 150 ml



  • Seals the cuticles and brightens the hair
  • Prepares the hair for brushing
  • The final stage in the routine for dry, brittle, damaged and treated hair
  • Efficacy tested*


*In vivo tests carried out at Italian universities demonstrate the efficacy of the treatment: the hair appears visibly fuller, more radiant and significantly restored.

1. Carry out a preliminary hair analysis to best understand the customer’s hair routine.

2. After the consultation, you can start the Hairzoe routine: wet the hair with warm water and apply the Restorative Preparatory Shampoo to gently remove impurities from the hair and prepare it for the restorative treatment. Massage it in gently and rinse. Repeat if necessary.

3. In a bowl, mix the Restorative Base Cream with a vial of Restorative Booster Serum and divide the hair into sections.Apply the mixture to the lengths with a brush and massage to distribute the product and let the active ingredients penetrate the hair. Leave treatment on the hair under a heat source for 5 to 15 minutes according to the treatment table. Rinse.

4. Dab the hair to remove excess water and spray with the Restorative Spray from a distance of 20 cm. Do not rinse. Continue to dry the hair.


Hair Length Fine Hair Normal/Thick Hair
Short 20 g cream + 1 vial

Treatment time: 5-10 min.

30 g cream + 1 vial

Treatment time: 10-15 min.

Medium 30-40 g cream + 1 vial

Treatment time: 5-10 min.

50-60 g cream + 1 vial

Treatment time: 10-15 min.

Long 50-60 g cream + 1 vial

Treatment time: 5-10 min.

60-70 g cream + 1 vial

Treatment time: 10-15 min.